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TCA Project Honored at the 10th Annual HAVAN Ovation Awards 

At TCA Electric, we love our clients, and we’re always delighted to be the electricians in Vancouver many folks call on to make their dreams into reality. Sometimes, the projects and homes we get to work on are nothing short of spectacular, and our Project Spotlights series is all about sharing these exciting projects. In our last edition, we were living the suite life, and you can check that out here if you missed it. This week, we’ve gone even bigger, taking part in a complete home renovation – and we’re proud to announce we shared in a 2019 HAVAN Ovation Award for our efforts! Let’s take a look at the project.

TCA Project Honored at the 10th Annual Haven Ovation Awards The client

Our client for this project was a West Vancouver couple who wanted to turn their new property into the home of their dreams. They desired a beautiful, bright home in which to raise their two young children. Blackfish Homes Ltd., a company focused on building and renovating custom homes, called on us to complete the electrical work for this client. We’ve formed a great relationship with Blackfish over the past six years. They’re a well-organised company with high standards, and they trusted us to be the Vancouver electricians that could help bring this family’s dream to life. You can learn more about the renovation here!

The project

The goals for this project were all-encompassing: we were to completely rewire the home following the renovation; upgrade the client’s service from 100 to 200 amps, to accommodate higher electrical needs; and install lighting all throughout the home. As a full-scale upgrade, this project called on our complete residential electrical skillset. At TCA, we’ve worked as electricians serving the Vancouver community for many years, so we know a thing or two about completing major residential projects.

The challenges

While there weren’t major surprises with this project, we made sure to stay within the client’s budget and keep the renovation on schedule. We also had to work within the design constraints of the home. The layout of the pot lighting elements depended on the location of trusses and joists within the home, so we worked carefully to reconfigure the lighting as necessary while staying as close to the original drawings as possible.

One small hitch we encountered was that the client wanted a single thermostat to control all of the heating mats installed in the foyer. The required power would be too much for a single thermostat to handle. However, we solved this problem by also installing a hidden electrical contactor as an intermediary, enabling the thermostat to control the heating mats via the contactor, eliminating the power issues.

The result

In the end, the project went very smoothly thanks to our experienced electricians. We first pulled all the necessary permits for the project, then got to work. We successfully rewired the entire home, and also upgraded the service from 100 to 200 amps to accommodate the additional power needs introduced by the second-floor addition. We installed fixtures throughout the home to complement the natural light sources, adding pot lights, low voltage under-cabinet lights, and a gorgeous decorative fixture. Overall, we did our part as electricians to help bring this Vancouver family’s home together!

TCA Electric: Award-winning Electrician Vancouver

Our electricians’ hard work helped bring home an award at the 2019 HAVAN Ovation Awards for Best Renovation: $700,000–$1,000,000. The Ovation Awards “[Recognize] renovation, new-home construction, and design excellence in Metro Vancouver.” We received this award alongside Blackfish Homes Ltd., and the award means a great deal to us at TCA Electric. After 10 years of striving to be the best electricians in Vancouver, we’re delighted that our excellent customer service and craftmanship has been recognised.

At TCA Electric, we know this award is just the beginning. We’ve served our Vancouver community for many years, growing with the many skilled contractors around us to be the best in our industry. If you’re planning a renovation and need electrical work done, contact us today! We’re ready to put our award-winning talents to work for you – and who knows, maybe it’ll be your dream home project being recognised next!

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