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Electrical Work Gone Wrong: Common Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician

The Most Common Electrical Mistake? Hiring the Wrong Electrician!

Our Electrical Work Gone Wrong series of blog posts takes a look at some of the dangerous issues we’ve seen during our work as Vancouver electricians. After seeing many electrical mishaps and cleaning up after poor workmanship over the years, we’ve realized many of these situations could be avoided by simply hiring a higher quality electrician. A better electrician is one that is more experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable and thus better equipped to handle complicated electrical projects without issue.

Here at TCA Electric, we know there are many electricians that Vancouver homeowners and businesses have to choose from. It can be difficult to sort out the best from the rest, as any electrician can look good online. So today, we’re sharing some of the common mistakes when choosing an electrician—and tips for hiring a more qualified electrician for your project.

Mistake #1: Sacrificing quality for lower cost

Depending on your needs, electrical projects can add up quickly. When you need to complete a major electrical renovation or system overhaul, it can be tempting to opt for the electrical contractor that offers the lowest quote for the project.

However, this is very often a mistake. Low-cost electricians may reduce the overall price of your project, but they typically sacrifice quality as a result. These electricians aim to complete work as quickly as possible to make up for their lower rates, and they often overlook key factors that can lead to poor functionality and even safety issues.

How to avoid

We have a few tips for hiring an electrician that focuses on quality. The best way is to look beyond the dollar figure on your estimate. Take a close look at reviews of each electrician, and ask for references if possible. It will quickly become clear which electricians are sacrificing quality just to offer a lower estimate.

Mistake #2: Hiring an electrician that doesn’t pull permits

Permitting is a key part of the process for most electrical projects, and it’s a step that should never be overlooked by a professional electrician. As a rule of thumb, most common electrical services will require some form of permit before work can be completed. 

Hiring an electrician that doesn’t pull permits is a frequent mistake that can often lead to electrical issues. This includes electricians who claim no permitting is required for your project, as well as electricians who attempt to leave permitting to you as the homeowner.

How to avoid

If an electrician claims no permitting is required, ask them for a full explanation of the project and why permitting may not be needed. It may also be a good idea to seek a second opinion. If an electrician tries to tell you to pull the necessary permits, it’s best to turn elsewhere. Permitting is solely the responsibility of your electrician—they’re the expert, after all.

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Mistake #3: Hiring an electrician without proper credentials

Last, but certainly not least, is the mistake of hiring an electrician that lacks the proper paperwork and credentials. Credentials like licensing and insurance provide concrete proof that an electrician is equipped to safely complete electrical work on your home or business. 

Not only that, but insurance protects you from liability. If an uninsured electrician is injured on the job or causes damage to your property, you can be held liable for the resulting costs. 

How to avoid

One of our most important tips for hiring a high-quality electrician is to always ask about their credentials. Make sure they have liability insurance and that their work is covered by WorkSafeBC. You should also ask for proof that they have a valid license to complete electrical work.

TCA Electric Is Your Partner for Electrical Services in Vancouver

We hope these tips for hiring an electrician come in handy the next time you’re searching for an electrical contractor to complete work on your home or business. At TCA Electric, we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure our readers are well educated on electrical work, as this leads to improved electrical safety and higher quality standards throughout Vancouver.

If you’re in need of residential or commercial electrical services, TCA Electric is standing by to take your call! Safety, quality workmanship, and friendly service are key to our work, and our talented team of licensed and qualified electricians has the expertise to handle any electrical challenge. Contact us today for an estimate!

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