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Key Considerations When Upgrading Electrical Service

Thinking of upgrading your electrical service? Here’s what you should know!

When most people think about electrical upgrades, they imagine smart home technologies, EV charging stations, and home theaters. However, none of these upgrades are possible if your home doesn’t have the power to support them! In many ways, that makes upgrading your electrical service one of the most important improvements you can make to your home.

While 100-amp panels were sufficient for homes years ago, they aren’t able to handle all of the electricity-demanding technologies you may want for your home. So today, the experts at TCA Electric are taking a look at what upgrading your electrical service entails, including costs, considerations, and why you might want to upgrade. 

When should I think about upgrading my electrical service?

In general, anyone whose home still uses a 100-amp electrical panel should consider upgrading their service to 200 amps. Older 100-amp panels were enough for the power demands of many homes when they were built, but these days, more and more devices require larger amounts of electricity. This can put a strain on your home’s electrical system. Here are a few major reasons to upgrade your service to a 200-amp panel:


Older electrical panels may not have the same safety features as a newer one (especially if your home has a fusebox). As you add more electrical devices to your home, 100 amps of service will become less and less sufficient. This increases the risk of overloading your home’s electrical panel—and in extreme cases, this creates an electrical fire hazard.

More room for devices

Many folks make the decision to upgrade their service because they’d like to install a new appliance or electrical device in their home. Adding a power-hungry appliance, such as a hot tub or EV charger, greatly increases the demand on your home’s electrical panel. Upgrading to a 200-amp (or larger) panel gives you more room to freely upgrade your home with all of the devices and appliances you’d like.


Not looking to upgrade your home quite yet? Upgrading your service now is a great way to make future upgrades that much easier. Instead of needing to first upgrade your service from 100 amps, your home will be ready to go. Upgrading your service to 200 amps is also a good move if you’re considering selling any time in the near future. An older 100-amp panel will hurt the value of your home on the market, while potential buyers will greatly value a newer panel.

How much does a service upgrade cost?

The price of a service upgrade can vary quite a bit, depending on the electrical panel you have, the panel you want, and various other factors. Generally, the price ranges from about $3,000 to $9,000, with most standard service upgrades falling in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. For more information on the cost of an electrical panel replacement, check out our previous blog post!

What’s the process for upgrading my electrical service?

The first step is to select an electrician for the job! For help making your decision, check out one of our previous posts on the topic. Once you’ve partnered with an expert electrician, you’ll schedule an inspection so that the electrician can evaluate your home’s electrical needs. Based on your current needs and your future plans, your electrician will work with you to select the best panel and the appropriate level of service for your home. 

With everything planned out, your electrician will pull all necessary permits and install the panel (along with any other required upgrades). Finally, they’ll fully test and document your new electrical panel to ensure that everything is working safely and properly.

Call TCA Electric Today for a Service Upgrade Estimate!

At TCA Electric, our goal is to help homeowners throughout Vancouver achieve the home of their dreams, complete with all the electrical upgrades they want. In many cases, the first step is upgrading your service to accommodate all of the new devices you want for your home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with new appliances and gadgets, call on TCA Electric first for a professional service upgrade! Our expert electricians have upgraded the panels of hundreds of homes throughout Vancouver, and we have this service down to a science. Contact us today to get started with an inspection and estimate!

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