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Electrify Your Workplace: The Compelling Case for Installing EV Chargers

Why You Should Consider a Workplace EV Charger Installation 

Business owners must continuously evaluate ways to make their business more efficient, make employees and customers happy, and add revenue wherever possible. When it comes to commercial upgrades and equipment investments, a workplace EV charger installation can accomplish each of these goals—and more.

At TCA Electric, we’ve been on the leading edge of Canada’s electric vehicle revolution since the very beginning. We’ve installed countless charging stations for EVs, from individual chargers to full commercial-scale charging systems. An EV charger installation is an upgrade that can make your workplace greener and more profitable. Here are some of the major benefits!

Save Money for Your Business

If you maintain any type of company fleet, adding charging infrastructure to your workplace can save you money over the long term. Electric vehicles cost less to fuel compared to traditional gas-powered counterparts. By bringing charging in-house with a workplace EV charger installation, you can further improve those savings rather than paying the increased cost for third-party charging stations. 

While the upfront cost is significant, electric vehicle and charging station rebates are more robust than ever before. Dedicated workplace charger rebates help to cut down on the purchase and installation cost of EV chargers, making now a great time to make the investment.

Provide for Eco-Minded Employees

More and more drivers are switching to electric vehicles these days—and chances are, your employees are among them. Those who already own EVs know it well: once you have an electric vehicle, seeing charging stations at any place you spend your time is a major bonus.

Adding EV chargers to your workplace is a great way to make your employees happy by giving them a reliable place to charge away from home. 

Bring in Additional Revenue

For those whose businesses include a public-facing storefront, adding workplace EV chargers can provide an additional stream of revenue. 

Following your workplace EV charger installation, you’ll be able to make EV parking available for your customers. By charging for their charges, you provide them a convenient spot to power up while doing business with you and bring in extra money for your business. 

Many owners of centrally located storefronts may even choose to make their EV charging spots fully public. Rather than restricting spots to customers or employees only, you can allow charging during non-business hours as well, further increasing profitability while adding much-needed EV infrastructure.

Improve Your Business’s Image

While not a direct monetary benefit, adding EV chargers to your workplace also serves to improve your business’s public image. EV chargers help to project a more forward-thinking and green-minded image, demonstrating that your business cares about the community you serve and the world around you. With consumers having more options than ever before, they’re more discerning about who to do business with—and sustainability is often a major factor in buying decisions.

TCA: Your Workplace EV Charger Installation Experts

Our team of licensed and qualified electricians at TCA Electric have been installing EV charging stations since these devices first hit the market. With experience in commercial installations large and small, we can help electrify your workplace and help your business join the EV revolution.

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