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2020 Lighting Trends

With every new year comes new trends in home décor, and with 2020 bringing in a whole new decade, there are sure to be many exciting innovations on the horizon. Some older trends will stick around or gain more traction, while others will inevitably fade in order to make way for the new. When it comes to lighting, our team at TCA Electric strives to stay up to date on the latest developments. From retro and industrial fixtures to LED lighting, Vancouver homeowners and business owners should take note of these 2020 lighting trends!

More natural materials in fixtures

For electricians and property owners alike, going green in Vancouver is already trendy, and for good reason. Green electrical upgrades can help save both money and the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Increasingly, however, many people are becoming more conscious of where materials are sourced from, in all aspects of life. Look for this consciousness to move into 2020 lighting trends, as fixtures made using wood accents or reused materials, such as pendant lights or lamps made with baskets, will gain popularity. 

Sconce lighting grows in popularity

Accent lighting is already trendy in interior design, and many Vancouver residents have leveraged the versatility of LED lighting to great effect. However, popular accent fixtures, such as sconces, will take on new life in 2020 as primary sources of lighting for one simple reason: they save space. Space saving has been an overwhelming design trend over the past several years, and sconce lighting in areas such as hallways and bedrooms (especially bedsides) can eliminate the need for space-hungry lamps.

Retro and industrial styles stay trendy

Vintage styles, and especially industrial and retro lighting, saw a surge in 2019, with many designers incorporating elements such as pendants and Edison bulbs. These will be here to stay in 2020 but look for them to take on a more modern, elegant flair. These fixtures will still be decidedly industrial-based, but may have less severe angles and include more elegant metals and colours used as accents. Additionally, look for more of these lighting fixtures to use LED technology, as many Vancouver designers have included innovations such as LED-filamented Edison bulbs for greater efficiency. 

LEDs will continue to dominate

Speaking of LEDs, look for these wonderfully efficient lighting solutions to continue their dominance into 2020 and beyond. With LEDs continuing to become cheaper and more versatile than ever, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to install any other kind of lighting no matter what design aesthetic you’re using. LED lighting installation is a relatively simple task for professional electricians, and as mentioned above, the right LEDs can even work with industrial and vintage-style light fixtures.  

TCA Electric: Installing LED Lighting Vancouver

Our professional team of electricians at TCA has helped hundreds of folks around Vancouver in realizing their design dreams. We specialize in LED lighting installation, an affordable upgrade that we take pride in completing with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism. Contact our team today to get started on your next lighting project! From elaborate chandeliers to simple pod lights and sconces, we have the experience and know-how to make your vision a reality. 


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