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BC Hydro LED Rebates: How to Take Advantage

LED Rebates Are Available for Businesses Through the BC Hydro Alliance Program

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your business, upgrading your lighting is an excellent place to start. No matter what type of business you have, commercial lighting systems represent a large portion of your energy consumption—and with highly efficient options like LEDs, there’s an excellent opportunity to improve efficiency and sustainability. Now, to further encourage businesses to make the switch, BC Hydro is offering LED rebates as part of their BC Hydro Alliance program.

At TCA Electric, we’re excited to be members of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals. Through this program, we’re able to connect our customers with excellent sustainable upgrades and exclusive incentives. Here’s how businesses can take advantage of the BC Hydro LED rebates through the Alliance program.

What Is the BC Hydro Alliance?

BC Hydro created its new Alliance of Energy Professionals to provide a network of skilled trade professionals providing energy-efficient upgrades throughout BC. Customers working with members of this program can be confident in the skills, professionalism, and sustainability experience of their contractor—while also gaining access to potential rebates and incentives provided by BC Hydro. 

TCA Electric is proud to be among the members of this program, which includes other electricians like us along with HVAC contractors, mechanical experts, engineering consultants, and more.

BC Hydro Alliance LED Rebates

The BC Hydro Alliance program includes a number of incentives and perks. Among the most significant of these are rebates available to businesses who upgrade to LED lighting systems. 

The LED rebates provided by the BC Hydro Alliance program can be used to cover up to 75% of the cost to purchase and install energy-efficient lighting systems for eligible commercial properties. This is a major discount that enables business customers to benefit from the cost-saving perks of LED lighting much more quickly!

Advantages of Upgrading to LED Lighting Systems

We highly recommend LED lighting upgrades to businesses and commercial property owners looking to make their spaces greener and more energy-efficient. Here are a few of the top reasons to make this upgrade.


LED lights reign supreme when it comes to overall energy efficiency. Many LED systems use as little as 10% of the energy used by traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs. 


LED lights may last as much as 3–5 times longer than fluorescent lighting systems—and up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights. In addition, LED lights are much more resistant to damage and do not lose lifespan due to being rapidly turned on and off.


LED lights are readily available in many different sizes and styles, and systems can be adjustable in terms of brightness, colour, and more.

More Affordable Than Ever

Over the life of the system, LED lights will save money on energy costs compared to traditional lightning methods due to their longevity and efficiency. Additionally, the cost of LED lights has dropped significantly over the past 5–10 years—and with the LED rebates from BC Hydro added on top of this, the upfront cost is lower than ever!

Contact TCA Electric to Participate in the Program!

In order to take advantage of the BC Hydro LED rebates, customers must work with a registered member of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals. Member electricians will be the only companies who can connect customers with these LED rebates. 

Our team here at TCA Electric is proud to be a part of this program, and we’ve been installing LED lighting systems for many years. Our expert electricians have the skills and attention to detail needed to install LED lighting systems that are both highly efficient and beautiful, with seamless installation no matter how large a space you need to cover.

If you’d like to learn more about LED installation and the BC Hydro Alliance program, reach out to our team today!

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