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Electrical Planning Report (EPR) Strata Incentives & Benefits

Here’s What the Electrical Planning Report Means for Strata—and Some Key Financial Incentives

The CleanBC initiative has brought about many new programs here in British Columbia, all aimed at fostering greater sustainability and energy-efficient practices. Electrical systems have consistently been a target for improvement, and in December 2023, the government of British Columbia passed a mandate for strata complexes to create an electrical planning report (EPR). 

Since this legislation was passed, many strata stakeholders have had questions about the program. Our team at TCA Electric has been working hard to help answer questions, provide greater clarity, and get strata customers started on their reports. 

Today, we wanted to share a bit of the good news about this program: the EPR will bring about many benefits, and there are several incentives available for EPR-related upgrades here in BC. Here’s what you should know.

What Is the Electrical Planning Report for Strata Stakeholders?

The electrical planning report, or EPR, is a requirement passed by the BC government mandating many strata complexes to assemble a comprehensive report detailing current electrical systems. Information may include current electrical capacity, future needs, and more.

All strata corporations of 5 or more strata lots must obtain an electrical planning report, and reports must be completed by December 31, 2026 in the Capital Regional District, Fraser Valley District, and the Metro Vancouver Regional District. (For other areas of BC, the deadline is December 31, 2028.)

Benefits of the Electrical Planning Report

More than just a requirement, completing the electrical planning report actually does bring a fair number of benefits to strata complexes, their residents, and other important stakeholders. 

To begin with, the EPR contains a significant amount of information about current electrical systems. This can help strata complexes diagnose potential safety issues, as well as key inefficiencies.

By identifying important areas of improvement, the EPR helps strata complexes plan for impactful upgrades. This includes setting timelines and budgets well into the future. 

Ultimately, by making these upgrades, strata corporations will see significant benefits as well. Buildings will be more efficient, thereby saving money on electrical costs, and strata complexes with upgraded electrical systems will be future-proofed for upcoming power needs.

Finally, property values will increase, and of course more efficient buildings will help contribute to British Columbia’s overall goals of reaching greater sustainability.

Incentives for EPR Upgrades

Of course, the whole point of the electrical planning report is for strata stakeholders to develop a clear plan for key electrical upgrades that will make buildings more efficient and sustainable. Making these upgrades, however, will take a significant investment. 

Luckily, there are many incentives available here in British Columbia that make certain electrical upgrades much more financially feasible for strata complexes. 

Heat Pump Rebates

As electrifying heating and cooling systems are a major motivation behind the EPR program, many strata will be identifying needs for alternative heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are a common and highly efficient solution, and due to their importance, multiple sources including CleanBC, FortisBC, and BC Hydro are all offering varying incentives to upgrade buildings using these systems.

Lighting Rebates

LED lighting is highly efficient, and replacing existing lighting with LEDs will help to significantly reduce power consumption and waste from replaced bulbs over time. BC Hydro offers rebates of up to 75% on eligible lighting retrofits, but applications must be submitted by a BC Hydro Alliance member. TCA Electric is a member!

EV Charging Incentives

The BC Hydro EV charger rebate program has been renewed with additional funding. This includes significant incentives for multifamily buildings. As before, funds are available in the form of EV Ready, EV Ready infrastructure, and EV charger rebates. The total available maximum per project ranges up to $137,000, a significant amount of savings for strata owners.

Work with TCA Electric to Start Your EPR

At TCA Electric, our team has always been at the forefront of sustainable upgrades here in Vancouver. Now we’re ready to take that initiative further by working with strata corporations to develop thorough electrical planning reports that will help make our province more sustainable for everyone.

If you’re looking to get a jumpstart on your EPR, or if you still have questions about the process, reach out to our team today! One of our friendly electricians will be happy to provide all the information you need to get started.

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