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Juicing Up: The Rise of Electric Vehicles and EV Charging in Canada

As EVs Thrive, EV Charging Station Installation Is More Important Than Ever

Electric vehicles have come a long way over the last couple decades. Tesla vehicles first reached customers in 2008, while the 2010s saw constant improvements in both products and sales, with many automakers joining the EV revolution. Throughout this time, Canada has continuously recognized the importance of these developments. BC has consistently been at the forefront, with the earliest EV and EV charging station installation rebates dating back to 2011. 

This year, Canada has continued to improve on its impressive status as a leader in EV charging. According to Electric Autonomy Canada, installation of our public EV charging station network has surpassed 20,000 charging ports across the country. EV ownership also continues to climb.

At TCA Electric, we’re proud of this progress and our role in this green revolution—and we believe there’s a lot more to come!

EV Charging Shows Impressive Progress in Canada

One of the shortcomings of electric vehicle ownership has historically been the difficulties in charging EVs. For EV owners who purchased their cars years ago, public charging stations could be few and far between, which made planning out longer road trips difficult. 

While there’s still no comparison to the freedom of charging at home, Canada’s network of public EV chargers has come a long, long way. Public EV charging station installation has consistently increased year over year, and the increase over this past year-plus was one of the biggest yet: a more than 30% increase since the end of 2021.

With Our Power (Stations) Combined…

Canada’s success in growing its public EV charging station network has been due in no small part to the collective efforts of many major public charging companies. Rather than a single charging company taking over the entire system, our network of public chargers is composed of stations from a variety of charging brands. 

The biggest players in Canada’s public charging network include:

  • FLO – more than 6,000 total charging stations

  • Tesla – more than 3,500 total charging stations, including 1,490 fast chargers

  • ChargePoint – more than 2,500 total charging stations

These companies account for the bulk of Canada’s network of EV charging station installation efforts over the past several years. However, other companies have also added to the total number, including regional subsidiaries hoping to fill in crucial gaps in our charging network.

BC Continues to Incentivize EV Charging Station Installation

What isn’t accounted for in those numbers above is the numerous residential and commercial EV charger installations that have been completed in recent years. Here at TCA Electric, we’ve seen rising interest in EV chargers for single-family homes, multifamily properties, and businesses and commercial buildings.

Part of the reason for this increased demand is BC’s ongoing efforts to push the electric vehicle revolution forward within our province. BC Hydro and other organizations have heavily incentivized the purchase of electric vehicle charging stations across the board, with robust rebates offered for homeowners, property managers, business owners, and more. 

More Than Cost Just Savings

An electric vehicle charging station can bring incredible savings for EV drivers, and even add revenue for property managers and business owners. But with all this growth in EV charging, and alongside all these financial benefits, it’s important to remember the big picture: saving the environment.

Driving gas-powered vehicles has long been one of the biggest factors damaging our environment. But at TCA Electric, we’ve seen countless customers interested in doing their part to help make Canada a little greener and electrify our roadways. 

TCA Electric Is Leading the EV Charge

Since the early days of electric vehicles, the licensed and qualified electricians at TCA Electric have been dedicated to helping make EV ownership better for everyone. We’ve installed hundreds of EV charging stations throughout Vancouver and the surrounding area, and seeing the way our contributions have helped further Canada’s ongoing EV revolution fills us with pride.


Our work is far from done, but there’s never been a better time to be an electric vehicle owner. If you’re looking to install an EV charger to free yourself, your tenants, or your employees from the gas pump, we’re the experts to call. Get in touch with us today and start planning your EV charging project!

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