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Happy Holidays from TCA Electric

Winter is fast approaching – and with winter comes the holiday season! We love our work at TCA Electric, but just like our customers and readers, we can’t wait to take some time off and enjoy the holiday season with our family and friends. It’s been a wonderful year of heating, lighting, and powering the community around us as electricians in Vancouver, and we hope this year has treated you just as well. From our TCA Electric family to yours, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday season, share some quick holiday safety tips, and express our gratitude for choosing us as your go-to Vancouver electrician.

Tips for a safe and happy holiday season

Celebrating the holidays is the best part of this time of year, and like you, we can’t wait for all the festivities, decorations, and gatherings with friends and family. But safety is also a crucial component for having a happy holiday, so we’d like to share a few quick tips to keep your holiday season worry-free.

Decorate responsibly

Christmas lights, inflatable characters, and other holiday decorations are a fun component of the holiday season – but it’s important to set everything up carefully and safely. We’ve gone so far as to write a guide on electrical safety tips for the holidays for your reference. But as a handful of quick tips: don’t overload outlets, check your decorations before putting them up, be careful on ladders, and keep cords out of the way of foot traffic.

Make sure your electrical system is ready for company

The holiday season is a time for good company – but more company also means more electricity being used. If your electrical system is already running near capacity, get in touch with an electrician in Vancouver to see about getting an upgrade before hosting your family get-togethers. Cooking appliances, stereos, and extra phone and laptop chargers are all examples of added electrical items that may strain your home’s electrical system more than usual when you have company over. Make sure your home can handle it!

Keep an eye on children

One of our favourite things about the holidays at TCA Electric is gathering with loved ones who we don’t often get to see– especially nieces, nephews and other new additions to our families. But while it’s important to let kids run around and have fun, make sure to keep a close eye on them if they’re playing near any electrical appliances, outlets, or holiday lights. Kids don’t always understand the dangers of electricity – so keep them safe!

Fire and electricity

One of the most common dangers to be aware of when it comes to using electricity in the winter is electrical fires. Decorating responsibly will help reduce the risk of fire, but you should also be careful with all other electrical appliances. Space heaters are a good way to keep warm and cozy during the holidays, but be sure to leave the area around them clear. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, take care not to leave appliances, electronics, or power cords anywhere near the heat source.

Thank you for a wonderful year!

The holidays are a time of celebration – and also a time to be grateful for all the wonderful blessings we’ve experienced throughout the year. At TCA Electric, we know our work as electricians in Vancouver wouldn’t be possible without our valued customers who count on our services to heat, light, and power their homes. So, from our family to yours, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our amazing customers!

TCA Electric: Trusted Electrician Vancouver

Once more, we want to heartily wish you and your family a happy holiday season from our the TCA Electric family! We hope you have a wonderful, fun, and safe time celebrating with friends and family. Thank you for choosing TCA as your trusted Vancouver electricians and making our 2019 truly spectacular! To keep up with the most recent updates from the TCA Electric family, be sure to connect with us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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