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Project Spotlight: 200 Amp Upgrade & So Much More

The Haywood project took all of TCA’s expertise as Vancouver electricians!a light fixture from the Haywood Project

At TCA Electric, nothing makes us happier than carrying out projects where we can make a client’s wildest dreams into reality. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re talking about a project where our team did just that: the Haywood project! This major renovation included a 200-amp electric service upgrade, complete smart home integration, gorgeous LED accent lighting installation, and more. All told, this smart home renovation took two years to complete—but we think you’ll agree with us that the end result is more than worth the hard work!

Our client: Panther Group

For this project, we were happy to work with one of our longtime collaborators, Panther Group. Panther is a versatile firm in BC that does excellent work in construction management, general contracting, and project management. 

We were originally approached by Panther back in 2015, and began working on various projects together starting in 2016. Our projects with Panther have varied greatly, covering both the residential and commercial sectors and spanning much of the Vancouver area. So when Panther approached us with a major project, we were eager to be involved!

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The project: A 200-amp electric service upgrade—and more!

Known at TCA as the “Haywood Project” for its location on Haywood Avenue in West Vancouver, this project was a major undertaking that called on all of our expertise and talent as professional electricians. 

In addition to a 200-amp electric service upgrade, the TCA team would be installing a new backup generator, adding a rental suite to the home, and providing electrical work for a complete renovation of the home, including full LED accent lighting throughout and smart home control. This was a massive project, but we were up to the task. We pulled the necessary permit from the District of West Vancouver and got to work!

The challenges: Unique design and a (very) smart home

Part of what made this project so special for TCA was all the unique challenges it presented to our team. Because of the custom design and LED lighting, this project required the utmost care and attention to detail throughout the entire process. Lighting locations needed to be as accurate to the design as possible, and there was no room for error given the symmetrical design of the beautiful millwork throughout the home. For the smart home elements, the owner wanted to be able to control many aspects of the home fully remotely.

We faced an additional challenge when it came to adding the rental suite. Due to the location of the meter base to accommodate the additional suite, we had to be creative when running the conduit for the electrical service from the front of the house to the location of the meter at the back of the house, while still making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

the stove and counters in the Haywood Project kitchen

The result: Turning this dream smart home into a reality

To complete this project, TCA worked closely with the interior designers involved in this project.  We were responsible for bringing their vision to life, and we had to make sure all aspects of the electrical system and lighting design were logistically possible in order to accomplish their end goal. Consulting with the designers throughout the project helped everyone stay on the same page when it came to the dynamic, ever-changing scope of this project.

While the Haywood project was a major team effort, John, the project manager and Brad, the lead electrician, played a huge role in bringing everything together. John and Brad have worked side by side on many projects, and they are both very in-tune with their client’s expectations, delivering outstanding results time and time again. Just looking at the results of this project, you can see why John and Brad were the perfect pair to head up this project!

TCA Electric Can Make Your Wildest Electrical Dreams Come True!

When many folks picture their dream home, they imagine incredible upgrades and changes that could only be made in their wildest dreams. But here at TCA Electric, we specialize in making those dream upgrades a reality! Whether you’re looking to fully convert your home to integrative smart technology, add a few green upgrades here and there, or even simply upgrade your electric service to 200 amps, we have all of these services covered and much more.

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