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2023 SMART Home Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

These Home Automation Upgrades Will Be Big in 2023

Home automation projects are some of our favourite jobs to work on as leading Vancouver electricians. When it comes to transforming a house into a true dream home, smart devices continue to provide a plethora of options, with advances year after year adding new functionalities and new ways to make you feel like there’s truly “no place like home.”

When it comes to Vancouver home automation in 2023, there are a few devices we’re particularly excited about here at TCA Electric—and we think you should be too! More than just dimming lights or adjusting the temperature, new technologies are taking home automation to the next level. Here are a few of the most exciting smart home upgrades you may not have thought about until now.

Smart Refrigerators

Home automation is becoming more regional, with many homeowners now focusing their energy from room to room. Throughout this year and into 2023, the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular as an area of the home where smart technology can really elevate your living experience. Smart coffee makers, dishwashers, and ovens are all popular upgrades, but we want to focus our energy on something a little cooler: your refrigerator. 

Smart refrigerators do more than just enable you to regulate food temperatures remotely (though they can do that too). Many provide functionalities for monitoring contents, accessing recipes based on the food you have, and ordering groceries. With a smart fridge, your refrigerator becomes a central hub from which to operate your entire kitchen, streamlining the entire process of maintaining your food supplies and cooking at home.

Smart Bathroom Tech

Home automation has truly progressed throughout every room, and the bathroom is one of the most recent areas to get the smart tech treatment. Smart mirrors can show weather and news updates, while heated floors can connect to lighting and provide radiant heat for increased comfort.

But smart showers may be the most exciting of all bathroom upgrades. A smart shower can be programmed to provide the exact temperature and water pressure you want for your shower, each and every time. More than that, though, they can transform your shower from a daily exercise in hygiene to a relaxing meditative oasis through connected light therapy capabilities and speakers to give you the exact music you need to get going in the morning. 

You don’t need a trip to the spa when your smart shower can provide the same experience every morning. Smart showers might be our favourite home automation recommendation for Vancouver homeowners!

Don’t Overlook Smart Security Upgrades

Lighting can set the mood, a smart thermostat can save you money, and all the smart upgrades we’ve mentioned can make your life generally easier. But while they may not be flashy, smart security upgrades can lend your Vancouver home something no other home automation upgrade can: peace of mind.

Adding smart technology to home security devices has resulted in increasingly sophisticated ways to protect your home, family, and belongings, whether you’re away on a trip or asleep for the night. Cameras can let you take a look inside or outside your home from anywhere, while connected locks and doors mean you don’t have to wonder whether you remembered to lock your door or close your garage.

Smart security upgrades are an unsung hero of home automation, and we highly recommend making your home security smarter in 2023!

TCA Electric: Custom Home Automation in Vancouver

In addition to these recommendations, there are many more besides, with old staples like smart lighting and home thermostats getting better and better each year. And while convenient on their own, installing multiple smart devices to upgrade your entire home can truly transform it into the luxurious space of your dreams.

At TCA Electric, we love bringing our customers’ electrical dreams to life through home upgrades. We’re the go-to experts for all things home automation in Vancouver, and our licensed and qualified electricians have the talent and vision to truly make your home shine. If you’re looking to make 2023 the year you finally dive fully into home automation, TCA can take you there! Contact us for a consultation and start planning today.

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