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An Insider’s Guide to Multi-Family EV Charger Installations

How to Get the Most from Multi-Family EV Charging

EV charging stations are all about convenience, energy efficiency, and cost savings. With such a focus on speed and efficiency, it can be tempting to dive right into a multi-family EV charging project in the hopes that quicker installation will lead to faster savings.

But what we’ve seen here at TCA Electric is that the most successful multi-family EV charging projects are a result of careful forethought, strategic planning, and flawless execution. As Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, we never dive into any EV charging project without a plan in place. It helps make the entire installation process go more smoothly and typically leads to our clients maximizing their savings.

So if you’re considering adding EV charging infrastructure to a multi-family property, here’s your inside scoop on how to get the best results!

Do Your Homework Before You Start

As mentioned above, it’s important to plan your multi-family EV charging project carefully. That means gathering data about your building, understanding your tenants and their individual needs, and planning ahead for the future. 

This also requires researching the types of chargers that may be best based on your desired features. Is smart charging a requirement for you? How much compatibility do you want across different electric vehicle manufacturers? Will you be installing chargers in a garage or outdoors?

Luckily, you don’t have to make this decision by yourself. If you consult with the electrical professionals at TCA early in the process, our team can help evaluate your needs and identify which charges and supporting electrical services will be best for your project.

Take Full Advantage of Rebates

EV charging is highly incentivized here in BC, and that’s especially true when it comes to adding charging infrastructure to multi-family buildings. BC Hydro continues to offer robust incentives for EV chargers, with up to $14,000 in funding available per building to be put toward the purchase and installation of EV charging stations.

However, the charger rebate is just a small portion of available incentives. Recognizing that many multi-family buildings have dated infrastructure, and that upgrading these components is typically costly, BC Hydro has also set aside up to $120,000 per building to fund 50% of the cost of needed infrastructure upgrades. The stipulation here is that to qualify for this incentive, building owners must first create an “EV Ready” plan to execute on alongside a licensed and qualified electrician.

Don’t Overlook the EV Ready Program

The EV Ready program is more than just a stepping stone toward larger rebates. In fact, we feel it’s often overlooked due to the relatively low incentive figure ($3,000 for the creation of an EV Ready plan). However, this program actually provides incredible value, both by increasing the amount of rebates you can receive for your building and by supporting you in getting the tools you need to make your multi-family EV charging installation a success.

Through the EV Ready program, you can kill two birds with one stone, working closely with a professional EV charging electrician (like TCA Electric) while being financially supported throughout the process. We can’t recommend this program enough, especially if your building has older electrical infrastructure or if you’re already facing challenges you aren’t sure how to solve.

TCA Electric: Your Experienced Multi-Family EV Charging Experts

Multi-family EV charging projects tend to be, well, multifaceted. Typically, installing EV chargers first requires upgrading electrical infrastructure in a building to support these new power demands. It takes a skilled, experienced electrician to come up with a comprehensive plan—and then execute on it flawlessly.

At TCA Electric, we pride ourselves on meeting even the most difficult electrical challenges. We’re highly experienced in all things EV installations, and that includes helping you navigate the rebate application process, too. Working with TCA Electric makes EV charging upgrades that much more efficient—just ask our many satisfied customers.

If you’re looking to upgrade your multi-family building to support EV charging, TCA is the electrical partner you’re looking for. Contact us today to start planning your project!

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