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Outdoor Electrical Upgrades to Consider this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get some fresh air and enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. With warmer weather well underway, many Vancouverites will be looking to spend as much time outside as possible. But how can you make your home’s exterior even more enjoyable? Our team of Vancouver electricians at TCA Electric has a few ideas! From outdoor lighting to sound systems, there are plenty of ways your preferred Vancouver electricians can upgrade your outdoor experience. 

Landscape lighting

If your home lacks much outdoor lighting, landscape lights are a surefire way to upgrade your home’s exterior. Landscape lighting can take many forms, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes with ease. Do you have beautifully maintained flower beds around your home? Make them stand out even at night with a few well-placed lights! Does your home have sidewalks that can be tricky to navigate in the dark? Lining walkways with attractive lamps can improve safety for family and friends alike.

Soffit lighting

Another lighting upgrade, soffit lighting can do a lot to add curb appeal and make your home “pop.” These lights can be colored to add different effects to your home, and they can also serve as a safety feature. Lighting also tends to be among the more inexpensive electrical upgrades you can add to your home. Be judicious with outdoor lighting, though—more isn’t always better! Experienced Vancouver electricians will be able to help determine where outdoor lighting will do the most for your home.

Porch and patio ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep indoor air flowing in the dog days of summer heat. But did you know ceilings are often installed in outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces as well? Adding a ceiling fan to your porch or patio can help keep the temperature at a comfortable level. This lets you enjoy some fresh air even on those hot, breezeless days.

Outdoor sound systems

Summer isn’t just a time for sitting out in the fresh air—it’s also a time for gatherings like pool parties and barbecues! A sound system or stereo can add a lot of life to summer gatherings, letting you pump up the perfect tunes for the occasion. Installing a sound system specifically made for outdoor use is even better, as these devices will often be equipped to resist water and other outdoor hazards. 

Patio heaters

While a ceiling fan will keep your porch habitable in the summer, the weather will cool off once again come fall and winter. That makes now a great time to install a patio heater for your home. Companies such as Infratech offer efficient infrared heaters that cut through the chill of winter months. With both a ceiling fan and a heating system, you’ll be able to enjoy your porch or patio practically year-round!

Additional outlets

As you look to spend more time outdoors, make sure your devices (such as your new sound system!) have plenty of room to plug in. Many folks think they can make do with plenty of extension, but this really isn’t recommended. Extension cords can overheat or create a tripping hazard as you run cords all throughout your home. Typical extension cords aren’t usually graded for outdoor use, either. Outdoor-specific outlets with proper covers can enable you to plug in outside without fear of rainwater and other elements reaching the outlet. Install a handful of these around your home and enjoy the convenience of having electricity outside!

TCA Electric: Your Trusted Vancouver Electricians!

As you gear up for the summer, make sure you’re gearing up your home as well. You may find that your home doesn’t have many outdoor electrical upgrades. Don’t worry, though—the professional Vancouver electricians at TCA Electric are here to help! Whether you’re looking for lighting upgrades, a complete outdoor sound system, or exterior outlets, we’re ready to tackle all of your outdoor electrical needs this summer. No idea where to start? No problem! Our team has decades of collective experience, so we have the know-how to help you plan your next electrical project. Contact us today!

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