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Is a Smart Electrical Panel Right for You?

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Smart Electrical Panel

With more and more homeowners adding new devices and technologies to their home, such as appliances, EV chargers, and home automation, panel upgrades have become increasingly necessary here in Vancouver. But much like other home technologies, new functionalities have helped electrical panels take a step forward too, in the form of the smart electrical panel. 

A smart electrical panel makes sense as an upgrade for many BC homeowners, though of course it won’t be necessary for everyone. So, what are the benefits of a smart electrical panel, and should you consider getting one? We’re taking a look at some of the benefits in today’s post.

App Integration and Control

The main functionality that makes any device “smart” is the ability to operate it remotely, and smart electrical panels are no different. With a smart electrical panel, homeowners can operate the various circuits of the panel without having to go anywhere. Most of these devices include an integrated app that enables switching circuits on and off, as well as resetting circuits that may have tripped—all from the palm of your hand.

Track Power Consumption and Usage

Integrated apps do more than just provide a remote way to switch circuits on and off. With smart panels, these apps can also be used to monitor and track energy usage over time. Most apps include not just the usage in kWh but in actual dollars and cents, too. This gives homeowners a better idea of their energy usage and can provide real data to show when you’re succeeding at saving energy, too. 

Ready for BC Hydro’s New Residential Rates

Back in February, BC Hydro announced a new optional tiered pricing plan for residential customers. This provides a means for customers to save money by doing energy-intensive activities in off-peak hours rather than peak hours. Some examples they provided included charging electric vehicles or running dishwashers and dryers.

With a smart electrical panel, homeowners will be able to take even greater advantage of this policy. Instead of being limited to turning appliances on and off or charging EVs at the right times, homeowners with smart panels will be able to fully control all energy usage in the home by operating various circuits throughout their home. This can unlock even greater savings while saving time and effort.

More Compatible with Other New Technologies

As mentioned in the intro to this blog post, homeowners are increasingly looking to upgrade the ways they use electricity in the home. As new technologies are introduced, older electrical panels may struggle with compatibility. 

Smart electrical panels have a huge advantage when it comes to compatibility with new technologies, particularly other energy-related devices. Many homeowners have turned to battery backup (such as the Tesla Powerwall), and smart panels are readily compatible with this device. Newer smart panels are also more readily able to integrate with solar panel arrays for especially green-minded homeowners.

What Is the Best Smart Electrical Panel?

As with any new technology, the world of smart electrical panels moves fast. Here at TCA Electric, however, we’ve been recommending the Leviton Smart Load Center as the top smart electrical panel on the market. This device provides the functionalities homeowners need in a smart electrical panel, including app integration and energy tracking, and its installation is seamless, which helps save money on overall costs.

TCA Electric: Your Smart Electrical Panel Experts

At TCA Electric, we’ve been busy with service upgrades throughout Vancouver, helping BC residents unlock the home of their dreams. As part of these services, we’ve frequently recommended smart electrical panels as the next step forward thanks to all of the unique benefits and compatibility these devices provide.

If you’re in need of a service upgrade and would like to take your new electrical panel a step farther, TCA Electric has the skills, know-how, and friendly team to get you there. Contact us today to get started!

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