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How to Maximize the Strata EV Charging Rebates 

Get Strata EV Charging Rebates Worth $5,000 Per Connector

Apartment and condo residents, property managers, and building owners alike are increasingly turning their attention toward adding EV charging infrastructure to strata housing. Not only is this an ideal way to serve and attract tenants, but it helps reduce overall carbon emissions while providing a potential revenue stream for the building.

One of the major obstacles to strata EV charging has always been the significant upfront costs required to install enough charging infrastructure to serve your property. Recognizing this, BC has continued to push for greater rebates for EV charging installation—and both BC Hydro’s rebate and the upcoming strata rebate from ZEVIP will provide significant funding for EV upgrades. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is ZEVIP?

If you haven’t already heard about it, ZEVIP is the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, developed by Natural Resources Canada. As the full name implies, this programs aims to “[address] a key barrier to the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV)—the lack of charging and refuelling stations in Canada—by increasing the availability of localized charging and hydrogen refuelling opportunities,” according to their website.

While rebates from ZEVIP have been available for some time, the renewed focus on multifamily charging rebates is a relatively recent development. In addition, with BC Hydro EV rebates now winding down as funding is used up, ZEVIP represents the most significant program available for strata residents and stakeholders to take advantage of.

The Upcoming ZEVIP Strata EV Charging Rebate

The next round of ZEVIP funding aims to provide EV charging options in multiple settings, including strata housing as well as public places, on-street, and for workplaces. As multifamily buildings have lagged behind in providing charging infrastructure, this program is a golden opportunity to catch up.

The program provides up to various levels of funding per charger installation, along with certain related electrical infrastructure needed to complete the project. This funding can be used on up to multiple charging stations, and depending on the type of charger being installed, the program includes minimum numbers of chargers that must be included with each project. 

Maximizing Strata EV Charging Opportunities

With ZEVIP providing rebates for up to 50% of total project costs, housing stakeholders should look to maximize their usage of this excellent source of EV funding. Level 2 chargers will be eligible for up to a maximum of $5,000 in rebates per connector and 50% of total project costs. While funding has not yet opened, the next RFP is expected in Fall 2023. 

In addition, BC Hydro is continuing to provide standalone strata rebates for EV charging connectors. For a limited time, strata organizations can receive up to $5,000 per charger, up to 50% of total costs per apartment or condo complex.

These Level 2 charger rebates give those who oversee, own, or live in multifamily buildings such as apartments and condos a golden opportunity to purchase and install EV charging infrastructure at a cost-effective rate. In addition, the recent Strata Property Amendment Act in BC has made it easier than before for multifamily buildings to approve and secure funding for EV charging projects.

TCA Can Help You Maximize Your Rebate

At TCA Electric, we’re constantly keeping ourselves up to date on the best sources of funding for EV charging upgrades. Over the years, this has included everything from single-family, single-charger rebates to the EV Ready program that recently ended.

With the remaining BC Hydro rebate and new funding coming this fall from ZEVIP, now is the perfect time for strata residents and building owners to consider adding EV charging infrastructure—and we can help get you there! Our expert electricians will be happy to consult with you on your building’s needs and help you maximize funding for your EV charger installation project. Get in touch with us today to start planning!

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