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FAQs on Your Tesla Home Charger

Questions about your Tesla home charger? We have the answers!

Many Tesla owners will want to install a Level 2 Tesla home charger to go with their electric vehicle. There are several benefits to doing so, including convenience and cost-saving potential. However, as with any new technology, Tesla owners will likely have a great deal of questions about their car and their new home charging station. 

The TCA Electric team is Vancouver’s EV charging experts, and we’ve installed EV charging stations for many homeowners over the years. In the process, we’ve helped homeowners by providing professional EV charging installation services and by answering all their questions. So today, we’re sharing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Tesla home chargers!

Does my Tesla come with a home charger?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is whether Tesla vehicles come with a home charger. The answer is both yes and no. On the one hand, every Tesla does come with a mobile charger that enables your Tesla to be plugged into 120-volt outlets. This is only a Level 1 EV charger, however, meaning it will provide a relatively slow charge. Whether this meets your needs will depend on your driving habits, but typically we recommend installing a home charging station (also called a wall connector) for greater convenience and charging speed.

Do Tesla chargers work with other cars?

By default, Tesla’s Level 2 home chargers can only charge vehicles manufactured by Tesla. However, there are adapters available that will enable most other electric vehicles to be plugged in as well. In some cases, these vehicles may not be able to charge at the same rate as a Tesla can using its compatible charger. Even so, there is greater cross-compatibility now than there has been in the past.

How fast will a Tesla home charger recharge my car’s battery?

In short: it depends! A Level 2 Tesla home charger can reach charging speeds of up to 77 km per hour of charging. However, there are many factors that will change this rate. Some of the most important factors include which model of Tesla you own and the output of your home’s breaker panel, as these will affect both the maximum power your car can accept and the maximum power your charger will be able to provide. For a more precise answer to this question, you’ll need to consult a professional electrician.

Can a Tesla home charger be installed outside?

Tesla wall charger

Generally, yes, installing a Tesla home charger outside is not an issue. Tesla’s home chargers are specifically approved for outdoor use and feature some fairly rugged weatherproofing. What’s more, you can always construct some form of housing to protect the charger further (though it’s not necessary). The biggest concern with installing a Tesla home charger outside lies not with the charger itself, but the wiring connecting it to your breaker panel. It’s best to hire an experienced electrician that understands how to effectively protect wiring from the elements to prevent problems down the line.

See how TCA installed a Gen 3 Tesla charger outdoors in this Project Spotlight!

Is a Tesla home charger worth it?

As with many of these questions, the answer here is “it depends.” In this case, it primarily depends on how much daily driving you’ll be doing as a Tesla owner. Without any additional charging equipment, the fastest charging speeds you’ll reach is about 7 km per hour of charging, or about 84 km in a 12-hour charge. If your daily commute is relatively short, that may well be plenty! 

However, for faster, more affordable charging, we generally recommend installing a Tesla home charger. Without a wall charger, you’ll need to use Tesla’s Supercharger network whenever you need a fast charge, which will be more expensive than the energy costs required to charge your Tesla at home. What’s more, you can’t beat the convenience of charging right at home rather than driving to the nearest Supercharger—which may not be nearby!

TCA Electric: The Tesla Home Charging Experts

Here at TCA Electric, we specialize in providing expert EV charging solutions for homeowners and business owners throughout Vancouver. Our team provides professional electrical work alongside excellent customer service, and many proud new Tesla owners have happily called on us for their Tesla charging needs. Get the most out of your new Tesla. Contact TCA Electric today to schedule your Tesla home charger installation!

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