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The Top Lighting Trends in 2020

The year 2020 is nearing its end, but it’s not too late to overhaul your home with electrical upgrades. We offer a wide array of residential electrical services here at TCA, and one of the most common is lighting installation. That’s because changing out your home’s lighting can be a great way to liven it up and really make spaces pop. Not sure where to start with upgrading your lighting? As your top residential electrician, TCA Electric can help! Let’s look at some of the most popular lighting trends from this past year.

Modern retro, refined rustic

Industrial and retro lighting fixtures have long sought a rustic or worn look. These fixtures were popular for a while, but have fallen off a bit recently. In 2020, they’re taking on a new life, resurging in more refined, “modern-lite” forms. Instead of styles right out of a warehouse, this “upgraded industrial” look takes many of these ideas and adds sleek metallic finishes. If you haven’t been a fan of industrial lighting in the past, you might want to give these newer forms a look!

Sleek lines, sharp angles

Modern styles tend to be all about clean lines and angles, and these trends have continued to enjoy popularity through 2020. This style is far from stale, however, as designers have found many ways to refresh the modern style. One popular trend in this regard is geometric shapes, with lighting fixtures making use of the symmetry and sharp angles that combine for a very interesting and modern aesthetic. 

LED lighting keeps getting more affordable

We’ll stop saying it when it stops being true: long a luxury, LED lighting continues to get more affordable. That’s great news, because there are many reasons why you should consider upgrading your fixtures to LEDs. From durability to flexibility to energy efficiency, LEDs provide value in nearly countless ways. Ask your local residential electrician about LED lighting installation!

Going big on lighting

While minimalism remains fairly popular in modern interior design, it provides a perfect backdrop to break the minimalist trend in a big way—literally! Many homeowners have started to look fondly on large light fixtures in 2020. These big lights create a good deal of “wow” factor, provided that they’re used appropriately in an area spacious enough to let such a large fixture breathe.

Silver and gold—and black

Black light fixtures have been in for some time now, and this trend has even begun carrying over to dining rooms. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the modern look offered by sleek black fixtures. But that’s not the only colour that’s been popular for light fixtures in 2020. Silver has seen a surge, especially for modern fixtures, while soft gold is a popular finish that works well with softer interior colour palettes, adding a touch of elegance. Consider these finish colours for your fixtures as you upgrade your home’s interior!

Smart lighting solutions

It’s always good to be smart with your design choices. But when it comes to lighting, “smart” really is in style in 2020. Smart lighting, like many other forms of smart technology and home automation, has seen a sharp rise in popularity this year. Homeowners everywhere are embracing the idea of lighting that can be controlled at your fingertips or even be completely automated. Ask your electrician about how you can add smart lighting to your home!

TCA Electric: Vancouver’s Favourite Residential Electrician

While there’s no way to incorporate every lighting trend into your home’s design, we hope you’ve taken some ideas away from this post. Or maybe you’d like to completely break the mold with your home’s lighting. In either case, TCA Electric can help! Our expert residential electricians have helped Vancouver homeowners make their interior design ideas reality for years. No matter how big or small your remodel, TCA offers reliable electrical work and top-notch customer service. Contact us today! We’re standing by to help you get started with your next remodel or electrical project.

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