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TCA Electric Named Best Electrical Contractor in 2024

Industry Oversight Evaluated 55 Electrical Contractors to Find the Best 2024 best north vancouver electrician logo

For our team here at TCA Electric, we’re always aiming to be the best electrical contractor we can, providing quality service and excellent customer service for our customers. Now we’ve been recognized once more for our work as electricians, as Industry Oversight has identified us as the best electrical contractor in North Vancouver for the year 2024.

Industry Oversight scores electricians in the area based on many different criteria before identifying the top choices for Vancouverites. They then list their choices online, and we were ecstatic to learn we would be featured at #1. We’re grateful to Industry Oversight, to our customers, and to our team for working hard to provide superior quality. Here’s what this award means to us.

Ranked the Best Out of 55 Electrical Contractors

To compile their list, Industry Oversight searched for electricians serving the North Shore area. They found 55 candidates, ensuring their choice for best electrical contractor would be backed by thorough research.

With their list identified, they set out to evaluate each contractor according to various salient criteria. Their process is extensive; according to their website, Industry Oversight uses “AI to monitor customer feedback at scale,” narrows down candidates based on criteria such as credibility and reputation, then manually reviews the final selections to identify the best.

They compiled a list of 24 finalists before making their choices for the top 5—and TCA just so happened to wind up as the #1 contractor on that list!

A History of Quality Electrical Work

At TCA Electric, we’ve been committed to superior quality since the very beginning. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we’re proud of the work our team has done day in, day out since our founding in 2009.

We’ve been grateful to be recognized for our work over the last few years. We’ve consistently ranked as one of the favourite electricians in the annual North Shore News Readers Choice Awards, with multiple selections throughout the 2020s. We were also recognized for multiple large-scale renovation projects over the years, bringing in a HAVAN Ovation Award among others.

To us, awards and recognition are cause for celebration, but they’re also encouragement for us to keep going—to build on the quality we’ve delivered time and again for our customers.

Thank You to Our Wonderful Customers

While this award is ultimately bestowed by an in-depth analysis, a major part of that analysis is customer feedback. We’re deeply grateful to our customers for all of the wonderful reviews they’ve written for our team over the years, helping to demonstrate the level of quality we strive for every day. 

Just as we’ve worked hard to do good work for our customers, our customers have gone out of their way to speak kindly of our work. Not only that, but they’ve chosen TCA Electric as their most trusted electrical partner many times over the years. None of this would be possible without our customers, and this honour only encourages us to continue doing right by all of you.

Reach Out to North Vancouver’s Best Electrical Contractor!

Our team is grateful for this award, but we know there’s always more work to be done. No matter what electrical work you need, it’s important to partner with a licensed and qualified electrician to get the job done with superior quality. 

At TCA Electric, we’re constantly bettering ourselves, and we have the expertise to install the electrical upgrades you’ve been dreaming of. From EV chargers and smart home devices to new LED lighting, we’re ready to start planning your project! Contact us today to get started.

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