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Your Guide to Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrade Your Commercial Building with Efficient LED Lighting

LED lighting is a popular upgrade across all electrical applications, from homes to businesses to industrial settings. These lighting solutions are highly favoured for their energy efficiency, durability, and flexibility, and they’re currently more affordable than they’ve ever been. For those with commercial properties, LED lighting is among the most effective green upgrades available to make your building more sustainable and save money for your business.

At TCA Electric, we’ve been installing LED lighting for many years as part of our suite of commercial electrical services. With commercial buildings requiring high volumes of lighting, switching to LEDs can make a huge impact. Here’s why you should consider an LED lighting upgrade, along with our most recommended LED fixtures.

Why Switch to Commercial LED Lighting?

There are many benefits to upgrading your business with LEDs. One of the top reasons many business owners consider this upgrade is due to the energy and cost savings. LEDs use significantly less energy compared to traditional commercial lighting solutions, such as fluorescent bulbs and tube lighting. This savings on energy leads to less money spent over the life of your light fixtures.

Additionally, LED lights last far longer than other lighting methods, and are highly durable as well. And while LED installation does carry an upfront cost, LEDs have gotten much more affordable over time. Finally, BC Hydro is providing LED rebates for commercial properties through the Alliance of Energy Professionals program, which you can learn more about here.

Our Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

At TCA Electric, we work with a wide variety of LED lighting solutions that are suitable across many commercial buildings. Whether your building is a storefront, an office, or a warehouse, these fixtures are highly flexible, and we can help you choose the right combination based on the functionality of your building and your budget.

T-BAR Troffer

A troffer is a rectangular light fixture, most commonly seen in drop ceiling designs.We favour the T-BAR LED Troffer from JLC-Tech, an industry leader in the LED space. These lights make for an excellent upgrade in office buildings or public spaces with high usage and traffic, such as a library or school. 

LED Strip Lights

Commercial LED strip lights are a highly flexible lighting solution that work well in both large and small commercial spaces. We typically work with 4’ and 8’ varieties of these lights. 

When upgrading your commercial building, it’s worth considering whether you need to replace fixtures entirely or simply replace existing tube lighting with LED versions. There are strip light products available for both scenarios, providing a couple different options for commercial property owners.

LED Pot Lights

Pot lights are a popular form of recessed lighting that are seeing increased usage in homes, but they also work effectively for certain commercial settings. Because these lights are very subtle compared to other lighting solutions, they’re often used in situations where the aesthetic of the building is important. We commonly see them installed in hotel lobbies and hallways, used as restaurant lighting, or illuminating the interior of stores.

Upgrade Your Building Inside and Out

In addition to the variety of indoor lighting solutions available, LED retrofits can also upgrade your building’s outdoor lighting. LED fixtures can be used for security lighting, floodlights, and illuminating walkways while carrying significantly less operating costs. This provides a way to upgrade your building both inside and out, making your business much more sustainable and energy efficient.

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At TCA Electric, our professional team of licensed and qualified commercial electricians has years of experience upgrading commercial buildings with new, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. From schools to restaurants to storefronts and more, LEDs provide a cost-effective way to make your business more sustainable.

Our team specializes in LED lighting solutions that are both practical and beautiful, and we’ll work with you to plan out your installation in a way that adds to the overall aesthetic of your building. Get in touch with our team for a quote today!

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