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Your Options for Installing a Tesla Car Charger

Learn more about the process of installing a Tesla car charger!

These days, Tesla is practically synonymous with electric vehicles, as one of the first EV companies that most people think of. However, to truly get the most out of these vehicles, a Tesla car charger is typically recommended. A home EV charging station will save you money and time, helping you truly get the most out of your Tesla ownership experience.

If you’re considering adding a Tesla car charger to your home, you’ve come to the right place! TCA Electric is Vancouver’s EV charging expert, and we’ve installed many charging devices for homeowners throughout the area. Today, we’re sharing a bit about the installation process, including some considerations before you install along with some very big reasons why you should always leave EV charger installation to the experts.

Will I need to upgrade my service to install a Tesla car charger?

First things first: Any EV charger, including Tesla’s devices, will add significant power demands to your home. Depending on your home’s current load, this may mean you’ll need to upgrade your service. 

When you call the TCA team to ask about installing an EV charger, we’ll first book an appointment to perform a load calculation on your home. Your home may have enough power to handle a new EV charger. However, even if your home can’t currently handle the demands of a Tesla car charger, you have a few options. Let’s take a look at each.

Option 1: Upgrade your service

A service upgrade will supply more power to your home, giving you the flexibility to add a high-demand device such as an EV charger. Typically, this will involve upgrading a 100-amp electrical panel to a 200-amp panel.

While a service upgrade is pricier than your other options, this does provide a variety of benefits besides just enabling you to have an EV charger installed in your home. For one, it opens the door to further electrical upgrades that you may not have been able to install otherwise. A service upgrade is also a good way to add value to your home. Generally, 100-amp panels are considered somewhat dated, so homebuyers prefer to see a 200-amp panel already installed.

Option 2: Install a load management unit

If you’d prefer not to upgrade your service, there are other potential solutions that will enable you to install a Tesla car charger. The first alternative is installing a load management unit. This device acts as an intermediary between your electrical panel and your charging device. It will continuously measure the power usage in your home, and if power consumption is at 80% or more, it will cut the power to your charger. 

In other words, your Tesla charger will operate when your home is using less power, but it will be safely powered down when consumption is higher.

Option 3: Install a transfer switch

Another workaround is a transfer switch. This device allows you to choose between two high-demand devices to supply power, with neither device being able to run at the same time as the other.

A typical example is hooking up the transfer switch to a dryer and an EV charging station. Your electric vehicle will charge when your dryer isn’t running; when you want to run the dryer, however, the device will cut power from your EV charger.

Can I install a Tesla car charger myself?

While some simpler electrical projects can be completed by a savvy DIYer, installing a Tesla car charger (or any EV charger, for that matter) is not one of them. The first (and most important) reason to leave this to a professional is very simple: safety. Installing an EV charger involves working directly with your electrical panel, where the full supply of your home’s electricity passes through. Any mistakes are likely to cause severe injuries, or worse.

Second, you may not be allowed to complete this task yourself. Installing an EV charger requires pulling a permit, and authorities are typically very reluctant to grant electrical permits to those who are not licensed electricians.

Finally, leaving this task to a professional is more convenient and ensures that the installation is completed correctly. If your charger is not installed correctly by a qualified person, it can affect your insurance in a major, expensive way, particularly if an installation causes damage to your home. A licensed electrician’s liability covers the work they do, so you won’t have to worry about potential expenses even if something does go wrong.

Call on TCA Electric for Your Tesla Charger Installation!

At TCA Electric, our team of qualified electricians is standing by to install your Tesla or other home EV charging station. As Vancouver’s top EV charging experts, we’ve installed these devices for many homeowners. We have the experience to complete even the most challenging EV charger installations, and as fully licensed electricians, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your Tesla car charger will be installed seamlessly.

For more information about our EV charging installation services, contact us today!

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