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Project Spotlight: Modern Home Renovation

We love our clients and our work here at TCA Electric. To show our readers what we mean, we started our Project Spotlights blog series, a space for us to share some of our favourite and most interesting projects. In this edition, we’re sharing a project our team of electricians worked on in North Vancouver: a complete home renovation with an EMF-compliant electrical system. This project was like nothing we’d ever done before, but TCA Electric was up for the task! Let’s get started.

Our client: Fino Projects

For this project, we were happy to team up once more with Fino Projects Corporation. As Fino is a local contracting and construction management company also headquartered here in Vancouver, our electricians are quite familiar with them. We’ve worked with Fino on many jobs for the past seven years, including the Suite Life project from a previous edition of Project Spotlights. So when they needed custom electrical work done for this North Vancouver home, they knew just which electricians to call—TCA!

The project

The basic premise of this project was a complete home renovation to replace the existing electrical systems in the home. Specifically, the homeowner wanted to eliminate any possibility of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) entering her home. EMFs are invisible areas of energy, more commonly referred to as radiation. 

High-frequency (or “ionizing”) EMFs are caused by things such as x-rays and gamma rays, while low-frequency (“non-ionizing”) EMFs come from more everyday sources such as computers, mobile devices, and electrical appliances. Non-ionizing EMFs are generally considered harmless to people. However, our team was to remove all existing wiring and electrical equipment in order to install an EMF-compliant electrical system that would block out these electromagnetic fields. So, we pulled a District of North Vancouver Electrical permit for the job and got to work!

The challenges

We faced two main challenges in the course of carrying out this project. The first challenge was sourcing EMF-shielded materials. These materials can be difficult to come by in Vancouver (or anywhere else), as electricians are not often asked to install EMF-shielded electrical systems. HDMI cables, ethernet cables, and other low-voltage cables were especially difficult to find.

The other major challenge was the home’s newly constructed vaulted ceiling, which made it tricky to lay out the home’s recessed lighting in a way that was visually pleasing. Symmetrically aligning recessed lights is a common challenge with ceiling rafters as it is, but working with recessed lighting on an angle can make this task even more difficult.

The result

In the end, we were able to source the necessary EMF-shielded materials to renovate this home per the homeowner’s specifications. We replaced all of the home’s electrical systems with materials that would prevent EMFs from entering the space. We also managed to lay out the recessed lighting in an aesthetic way, as you can see from the photo below of this beautifully renovated modern home!

Modern home with recessed lighting installed by Vancouver electricians at TCA

TCA Electric: Your Trusted Electricians in Vancouver

At TCA Electric, our professional electricians have helped numerous Vancouver homeowners with everything from major renovations to home upgrades to smart home gadgetry. We don’t believe in “can’t”—big or small, we have the experience and qualifications to handle anything you have for us. And we really do mean anything—we will strive to accommodate your requests and specifications, common or uncommon, to provide the electrical work you need for the home of your dreams. Contact TCA Electric for your next electrical project!

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