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2019 Home Theater Trends

Home theater systems have come a long way over the past decade or so. Gone are the days when only a handful could afford to upgrade their entertainment experiences with a theater setup. Today, there are home theater options available to fit any budget. As leading Vancouver electrical contractors, we’re often hired to wire and install home theater systems here at TCA Electric. But homeowners also frequently ask us what technologies are bursting onto the scene. So today, as with our previous posts on home automation, we’re sharing our expertise on home theater trends to help you upgrade your entertainment experience!

More speakers: Approaching 3D sound

One of the top current trends in home theaters is channel proliferation – that is, the ability to incorporate more and more speakers in various configurations. As any Vancouver electrical contractor can tell you, the most common installations and upgrades to home theater setups simply involve adding more speakers, expanding the range of angles from which sound can reach viewers’ ears. Back and front, up and down, side to side – added speakers make for a truly theatrical experience in all dimensions.

Take a stand: Floor-standing speakers

The amount of speakers isn’t the only thing changing in the world of home theater audio – the kinds of speakers being used is shifting as well. More and more homeowners are opting for floor-standing and on-wall speakers over in-wall options. While it used to be trendy to hide audio components away, it’s now understood that this can muffle the sound. Many home theater buffs are choosing instead to openly display speakers, as these allow for much crisper, clearer audio.

Eyes on everything: Multi-screen setups

Despite the warnings of science fiction literature, multiple screens are on their way “in” when it comes to home theater trends. Dual-display setups have long been popular with computer users, and it’s easy to see the appeal of splitting one’s attention across screens rather than dividing a single screen in two, three, or even four parts. As Vancouver electrical contractors, we’ve found that sports fans especially are craving multi-screen setups. Fans can watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs on one display while still keeping tabs on golf, baseball, and other sporting events at the same time; without having to change the channel. So long as it’s only us watching the screens and not the other way around, consider us sold!

Oust the remote: Voice activation is in

While voice activation has been around seemingly forever for smartphones, using it within a home theater has generally required extra steps. Devices such as speakers could be integrated with products like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but they generally don’t feature their own voice activation technology. Direct voice control of home theater technologies is well on its way, however. The upcoming possibility of streamlining the entire voice activation process makes this a trend to watch out for in 2019.

Great sound, great price: Affordable audio quality

It may not be a technology or device, but affordability in home theater setups is definitely trending in 2019. The simple fact is that home theaters today aren’t reserved only for the wealthiest among us. True, not everyone can afford true theater-style seating and a projector, but competition among technology companies is driving the price for high-quality audio and high-definition screens well below the levels of years past.

TCA Electric: Vancouver Electrical Contractors

As companies produce quality audio and crisp HD technologies ever more efficiently, the world of home theater experiences is becoming more exciting – and accessible – than ever before. If you have a dream home theater project or are looking to upgrade your existing setup, contact us today! As experienced Vancouver electrical contractors, we at TCA Electric know a thing or two about installing home theater devices and components. All we need is your voice activation to get started!

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