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How to Take Full Advantage of the CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program

BC Hydro’s CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program Provides Significant Financial Incentives

For owners and residents of strata housing looking to upgrade their multifamily buildings, BC Hydro’s CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program is a major source of financial incentives to reduce upfront costs. And with so much funding available through this program, it’s crucial that all strata stakeholders understand how to get the most from the program.

At TCA Electric, our EV charging experts have completed numerous multifamily EV charging installation projects throughout Vancouver. In that time, we’ve helped our clients successfully complete the application process and receive rebates for their upgrades. If you’re interested in adding EV charging infrastructure to your multifamily building, here’s how to get the most from available rebates.

About the CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program

This rebate program is offered through BC Hydro, and it remains the most significant incentive available for multifamily buildings. The program includes multiple areas of funding, including the EV Ready plan rebate, the EV Ready infrastructure rebate, and the EV charger rebate.

In total, these rebate programs amount to $137,000 in potential savings provided all criteria are met and the maximum for each portion is reached. With so much savings available, let’s take a look at a few key considerations in getting the most from this program.

Apply Promptly

First and foremost, the best way to get the most from the CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program is to apply right away. Funding for this program was only recently renewed in the latter part of 2023, and applications had been closed prior to this renewal. This indicates that the program is highly sought after and funding may run out—it’s just a matter of time.

To maximize the odds of receiving any rebate for your EV charging project, it’s crucial to apply as soon as you can. If you need help navigating the application process, our team is happy to answer your questions and lend a hand.

Use All Portions of the Program

Many strata housing stakeholders may be tempted by the simplicity of the standalone EV charger rebate program. After all, this does not require the creation of an EV Ready plan and may seem more straightforward.

However, with so much available in incentives for the EV Ready portions of the rebate program, stakeholders should carefully evaluate the value of taking advantage of this rebate. While not every multifamily building will need to make infrastructure upgrades before installing EV chargers, the reality is that many will. In addition, some buildings may be able to support the installation of a couple EV chargers—but future demands will require greater electrical infrastructure upgrades.

Generally, we recommend making these upgrades now while they’re heavily incentivized rather than waiting until years later when rebates may be more rare.

Plan for the Future

Speaking of future planning, it’s important to account for charging demands both now and years down the road. While your building may have just a handful of EV-owning tenants at the moment, EV adoption is quickly rising in BC. This means it’s wise to future-proof your electrical infrastructure and leave room to make further upgrades and EV charging installations later on.

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Review Indigenous Community Incentives

For residents within Indigenous communities, additional incentives are available. While specific incentives vary across communities, these incentives are generally significant and should be taken into consideration.

As an example, Indigenous communities are eligible for greater EV charger rebate offers, including for multifamily buildings. Strata housing applicants can receive up to 75% of eligible costs in rebates, to a maximum of $4,500 per charger. Learn more about these rebates here.

Apply Before Funding Runs Out!

For those looking to take advantage of EV charging incentives, now is the time to apply. The CleanBC EV Charger Rebate Program provides major savings for strata stakeholders—but as we’ve seen previously, these programs only last as long as funding is available.

If you’re looking to maximize your EV charging rebates, the experts at TCA Electric can help! We’ve helped many strata applicants apply for these rebates and have expertise in creating the EV Ready plans required for electrical infrastructure rebates. Reach out to our team to get started!

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