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3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Are you planning on listing your home or having it reappraised? If so, you’re probably exploring ways to boost your home’s value. When making home improvements, it’s essential to choose upgrades that will impact your home’s value rather than simply increasing aesthetic appeal. At TCA Electric, we understand that buyers’ value electrical upgrades very highly. In today’s post, we’d like to share a few ways that electricians in North Vancouver can help improve the value of your home. Let’s get started!

1) Update Electrical Systems

Nothing turns homebuyers away faster than flickering lights, faulty wiring, or an outdated electrical panel, so updating your electrical system should be priority number one. Start with your breaker panel. Replacing your breaker panel enables your home to handle more power, an important concern for older homes built when energy needs were much lower. If your is relatively new, consider adding extra circuits to distribute power efficiently. Make sure power-hungry appliances have their own dedicated circuits. Finally, if your home still has a fuse box, this should definitely be replaced with a circuit breaker.

Other ways to update your home’s electrical systems include: replacing old or malfunctioning wiring to eliminate deal-breaking safety hazards and installing extra outlets in rooms that don’t have enough. These convenience-oriented upgrades are sure to appeal to potential buyers. Plenty of other system improvements can make your home more attractive to buyers, so consult with experienced electricians in North Vancouver before getting started.

2) Electricians North Vancouver: LED Pot LightsLED Pot Lights

Some electrical upgrades can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your home while being practical and convenient. Once such upgrade to consider is  LED pot lighting. Dimly lit rooms are a drawback for potential buyers, and LED pot lighting is an excellent fix for rooms where overhead fixtures are either nonexistent or not strong enough to illuminate the entire space. On the convenience side of things, LED pot lighting can be operated with a switch – much better than depending on standalone table lamps, as they take up physical space and outlets. Finally,  LED pot lights help rooms look more elegant, as they blend in with the ceiling.   LED pot lighting is a simple upgrade that easily pays for itself as they are extremely energy efficient, and plenty of electricians in North Vancouver are available to do the job.

3) Radiant Floor Heating

Heated floors might seem like a luxury reserved only for the wealthiest homeowners, but they can raise your home’s value substantially. Why? For one thing, removing traditional radiators in favor of heated floors frees up square footage in your home. But heated floors are also more efficient as they distribute heat evenly, whereas radiators heat the surrounding air first, resulting in cold spots. The even distribution of heated floors also reduces strain on your system, saving you energy and heating costs.

Don’t overlook the value of perceived luxury, though: prospective homebuyers tend to perceive heated floors as a symbol of opulence, yet they’re surprisingly easy to install. Heated floor installation can be added to existing remodeling plans quite simply. If you’re looking to sell your home, we encourage you to consider catering to this perception of luxury and ask electricians in North Vancouver for quotes on installing heated floors. Did you know TCA Electric is a “Certified Pro Installer” for NuHeat floor heat? This allows us to offer a 25-year product warranty on all of our NuHeat floor installations.

TCA Electric: Experienced Electricians in North Vancouver

At TCA Electric we understand the value of quality electrical work. We have the experience and know-how necessary to carry out any upgrades, installations, or inspections you may need. If you’d like to improve the value of your home, contact us today! We’d love to share even more ideas for getting as much value from your home as possible, and we’re eager to get started.

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