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Team Spotlight: Sean Blackburn, Lead Electrician

Let’s get to know Sean Blackburn, a Lead Electrician at TCA!

A lot goes into our success as leading electricians in Vancouver, BC. But whether it’s our high-quality electrical workmanship, our stellar customer service, or our wide range of electrical expertise, all of those great attributes are a product of the brilliant team members we have here at TCA Electric. To highlight those team members, we started our Team Spotlights blog series!

In this edition, we’re shining the spotlight on Sean Blackburn, one of our Lead Electricians here at TCA. One of Sean’s primary duties in this role is his responsibility to communicate all aspects of a project to the project manager. This may include any changes or additions made to the scope of work or which materials are required for the job. As a Lead Electrician, Sean also ensures that his team completes a given project within our expected timeframe. With these important responsibilities, Sean has played a huge role in our success in his four years at TCA. Let’s get to know Sean, one of our talented electricians!

sean blackburn, lead electrician at TCA in Vancouver BC

Name: Sean Blackburn 

Title: Lead Electrician 

Years at TCA: 4 years

Years in the industry: 12 years

Favourite thing about your job: The variety! Every project and site is always different from the next, which keeps things interesting.

Favourite part of being on the TCA team: We really feel like a team; everybody gets along well. TCA is a really good company to work for, and I also really respect our boss, Sean Tobin. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

I enjoy when a job goes really smoothly. It’s very satisfying when the clients are happy with how the end result turns out. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I like to try and stay active, and I love the outdoors, so I take a lot of walks and hikes with my dog. 

Favourite sports team(s): Hockey is my favourite, so I always try to catch the Canucks game!

Is there a particular type of project you prefer working on? If so, why? 

I like working night shifts because the hours are preferable for me; I’m able to get a lot more time to myself during the day. I also prefer to work on commercial electrical projects.

Is there a project you completed with TCA that stands out as a favourite? 

I really enjoyed working on 1639 West 2nd Street, which mostly consisted of night shifts. Overall, everything went smoothly, but some of the challenges included fixing old mistakes, such as ceiling tiles and loose connections we had to tighten down. The materials were also hard to get a hold of because I worked night shifts, while everyone else was working during the day. I also have a lot of overall respect for the building manager and company owner. 

TCA Electric: Top Electricians in Vancouver, BC

Our valuable TCA team members bring a wealth of knowledge and talent that has kept us among the best electricians in Vancouver, BC for years. Without the work of true professionals like Sean, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks for all you do, Sean! And to our readers, we hope you’ve enjoyed this chance to learn a bit more about one of our key team members. For more from the best electricians in Vancouver, BC, keep up with the TCA Electric blog and follow us on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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