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Project Spotlight: EV Charger Installation Vancouver

TCA Completed a Seamless EV Charger Installation in West Vancouver

We love to share our work with our readers here at TCA Electric, and our Project Spotlights blog series is our way of doing just that. Many of the projects we share are unique in some way, while others are projects we feel do an excellent job of highlighting the many electrical services we offer. For this spotlight, we’re covering an EV charger installation we completed that shows why TCA is the best in Vancouver when it comes to EV installation! Let’s take a look.

Our client

For this project, we worked with a first-time TCA client who lives in West Vancouver. As one of the top electricians in Vancouver, we were recommended to this client through Business Network International (BNI), a business referral group that we are a part of. TCA Electric came highly recommended as Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, so after receiving the referral and speaking to our team, this homeowner hired us for the project!

The project

The goal for the project was to install an electric vehicle charger for the homeowner. The homeowner was an electric vehicle owner who had recently purchased a Tesla and had decided they wanted to get more from their EV ownership experience rather than rely on third-party public charging stations. With a new EV charger, they would be able to charge their electric vehicle at their own convenience and save money in the process. We recommended the best Tesla charger for their needs and started planning this project.

The challenges

Every project has its own unique wrinkles! In the case of this EV charger installation, our Vancouver client wanted the charger to be installed with as little damage as possible to the rest of their home. The best way to do this would be to run the cable and run the power in a route that would not require contractors in any other trades to repair the walls after being opened.

When EV chargers are installed relatively close to the home’s electrical panel, this can often be done relatively easily. However, when the location for the EV charger installation is much farther from the panel, it’s almost unheard of. In this case, the EV charger was to be installed at the opposite end of the house from the electrical panel. But for TCA Electric, we never say that any electrical project is impossible—instead, our team puts our heads together to find a solution that will best meet the needs of our client.

The result

With the project laid out in front of us, it was time to pull an electrical permit with the District of West Vancouver and get to work! Before a single component was installed, we first plotted out the complete route for the power to run through the home. Project Manager Warren Ferino took the time to investigate many options for how to run the power to the EV charger. 

Ultimately, our solution for this homeowner was to run the power through the home’s crawl space. This meant all cables would be kept out of sight and, most importantly, this would not require any walls of the home to be opened up. In the few places where the power supply would be exposed, we used grey conduit that blended in with the trim on the house.

Thanks to the careful thought and planning by the TCA team, we were able to complete this EV charger installation without requiring any other trades to come in and make repairs!

TCA Electric: Expert EV Charger Installation in Vancouver

Here at TCA Electric, when we say we’re Vancouver’s leading EV charging experts, we really mean it! Our talented team of licensed and qualified electricians has the experience, electrical know-how, and creativity to solve any problem for our clients. This ensures that our clients get the finished product they want for their home every time!

We don’t believe in “impossible” here at TCA Electric. Instead, for every unique obstacle or requirement we face, we take it as a new challenge for us to solve. Looking to add an EV charger to your home or commercial property? Contact us today to get a quote!

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