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Installing a Chandelier: Why You Should Leave it to the Experts

Chandeliers are tough to top when it comes to combining form and function, and many homeowners dream of installing these fixtures in their home. It’s easy to understand why: chandeliers are beautiful, elegant features that instantly command the attention of everyone who walks into a space. But while some lighting upgrades can be installed by handy homeowners with basic DIY skills, installing a chandelier in your Vancouver home is a project that should generally be left to expert electricians. At TCA Electric, we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges that come with putting up these fixtures. Because of that, we’re dedicating this post to helping you understand these difficulties – and why you should hire an electrician for the job in almost every case.

Installing a Chandelier: Why You Should Leave it to the ExpertsWhere to install a chandelier

For many, the first image of a chandelier that comes to mind is a massive, elaborate fixture in a decadent foyer or otherwise high-ceilinged room. But chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes, enabling them to add a breathtaking focal point to any space. While often found in dining areas and entrances, chandeliers can also be installed in bedrooms and kitchens. Smaller fixtures can add elegance to a bathroom, or they can elevate a hallway from a mere connection between points to a space all its own. In practical terms, installing a chandelier in a Vancouver home is simply a matter of what spots can feasibly be wired to accommodate a chandelier. Even for trickier spots, an expert electrician will be able to install a chandelier just about anywhere you can imagine.

Can I install a chandelier myself?

If you’re a property owner with experience completing electrical work, you may be able to install a chandelier yourself. As mentioned, some chandeliers are smaller than others, which makes for an easier project. Replacing a chandelier can be simpler as well, since you know the room has a spot already wired for a chandelier. Even in these cases, though, it’s important to exercise caution. Installing a chandelier can be dangerous, as it involves working with electrical fixtures and wires from high up. The risks of falling, dropping the chandelier, or shocking yourself are very real – so only attempt to install a chandelier if you’ve done electrical work before and know what you’re doing.

Reasons to consider calling an electrician

Even if you have experience doing electrical work, there are many good reasons to hire an electrician to install your chandelier. Vancouver electricians have a great deal of resources you may not have access to, such as proper ladders and wiring equipment, along with supports and lifts for particularly heavy fixtures. Electricians also have the benefit of additional helping hands, as any chandelier installation is tricky to pull off alone.

Most importantly, though, electricians are professionals. While you may have done some electrical work here and there, electricians do this work for a living. Any experienced electrician has likely installed dozens of chandeliers over the years, so you can be confident they know what they’re doing.

When you should definitely leave it to the pros

It’s sometimes possible to install a chandelier yourself. However, if you want to install a chandelier in a spot that isn’t already wired, you should absolutely hire an electrician to do the job. The need for additional wiring transforms the project from a tricky installation to a task that’s very dangerous for anyone but a trained professional. This also applies if you want to replace a chandelier in a spot where the wiring is old and in need of updating. If your project will require any work with wiring whatsoever, it’s not worth the risk to attempt the task yourself – call a professional.

TCA Electric: Installing Chandeliers in Vancouver

At TCA, our experienced electricians have been installing chandeliers throughout the Vancouver area for nearly a decade. With both the right equipment and the right know-how, we’re definitely up for the task. If you need to install a chandelier in the Vancouver area, contact us today! Whether you’re looking to install a smaller fixture or aiming to add something truly extravagant to your home, we know how to get the job done correctly – and safely.

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