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Project Spotlight: Dwell Property Management

TCA Electric helped Dwell upgrade their property to LED lighting!

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We share many projects through our Project Spotlights blog series. Many of these are our favourites because of their scale or the unique elements and challenges we worked through along the way. In other cases, the projects we complete do a great job of highlighting the services we offer that provide the most value to our customers—such as LED light installation! 

We were called in to overhaul the lighting of one of the properties of Dwell Property Management. Our clients were hoping to upgrade to LED lights and needed a professional electrician whose expertise they could trust for the installation. The TCA Electric team was up to the task!

Our client: Dwell Property Management

Dwell Property Management is a residential and commercial property management company based in Richmond, within the Metro Vancouver area. This was our first time working with the folks at Dwell. They were looking for professional electrical contractors with expertise in LED light installation for one of their properties in North Vancouver, and their online searches led them to TCA Electric. We were delighted to connect and get started in this project!

The project: Full-scale LED light installation

The main goal of this project was very straightforward: upgrade all of the lighting, replacing the fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps with LED bulbs and lamps. Our clients were hoping to improve the energy efficiency of the building, reducing their carbon footprint while saving money on power costs over the long term. The scope of the project covered the entire property, including all common areas within the main building, as well as the parkade.

The challenges: Waiting out material delays

While the goal of this project wasn’t complicated, we still faced challenges due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Supply chain issues have impacted many industries and manufacturers of key products, including those in the electrical industry. Unfortunately, all we could do for these material delays was wait them out. However, we made sure to move as efficiently as possible to complete the project as soon as we got our hands on the necessary materials to upgrade the building’s lighting.

The result: Brighter, better, and greener!

In the end, the LED light installation portion of this project went smoothly, and we were able to upgrade the entire building from fluorescent to LED fixtures without an issue. John Urrea managed this project from start to finish, while Sean Blackburn was our lead electrician. As this was our first time working with this client, it was important to make a good impression, and the TCA Team did just that with exceptional knowledge, professionalism, and cleanliness.

TCA Electric also recommended the LED fixtures to Dwell Property Management, choosing fixtures that would meet their lighting requirements while fitting within their budget. The new LED lights will bring excellent longevity along with superior energy savings compared to the older fluorescent lighting that had been installed.

TCA Electric: Professional Vancouver LED Light Installation 

TCA Electric is Vancouver’s leading LED lighting experts. Once an expensive upgrade, LED lighting installation is now a highly affordable electrical upgrade that can improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses alike. 

Here at TCA Electric, we bring industry-leading professionalism and customer service to every project we complete, big or small. We’ve upgraded a wide variety of buildings to LED fixtures, and our experience means you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. If you’re looking to go green with your lighting, contact TCA Electric today!

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