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Project Spotlight: Home Renovation with Sitka Construction

See how TCA helped Sitka Construction with a home renovation! the new electrical pole during installation

As the leading electrician serving Vancouver’s North Shore, TCA has worked on many major renovation projects, lending the electrical expertise necessary to revitalize many spaces. We felt one of our recent renovation efforts would be perfect for our Project Spotlights blog series—so that’s exactly what we’ve decided to cover in today’s post!

We worked with Sitka Coast Construction on a major renovation project in North Vancouver. This perfectly located home was being completely overhauled, and our clients needed the right electrician to help make the homeowners’ vision a reality. Here’s how TCA Electric helped get this renovation completed!

Background and clients

Our client for this project was Sitka Coast Construction, one of North Vancouver’s top full-service home renovation specialists. We first met their team through another of our partners, Factory Edge Construction, and we immediately took note of the Sitka team’s incredible talent and attention to detail. We’ve worked with Sitka on several major renovation projects over the years—so when they needed a North Shore electrician partner for this project, TCA Electric was the first company they called on!

The project

Sitka’s project involved a major renovation of a home on the waterfront in Deep Cove. The primary goal for the TCA Electric team was to upgrade and relocate the home’s service for a new roof that was to be installed on the home. Many portions of the home’s electrical systems were out of date, and the existing private pole was no longer acceptable. In addition, we installed specialty lighting within the home, and we also helped in the kitchen portion of the renovation by installing new appliances.

The challenges

This renovation project was not without some unique challenges for our team! The first major obstacle was the location. Access to the site was tricky, as this Deep Cove home was located along a narrow residential street on the waterfront. Additionally, the topography of this homesite was very unique. The property includes a fairly steep slope, and this in conjunction with the location made it very challenging to find a location for the new private pole and get it installed. 

As an added challenge, much of the home’s existing electrical system was older. This meant we would have to completely rework the home’s electrical service to get everything up to date.

The result

With all of these challenges laid out for us, we got right to work! We pulled permits for the service work and kitchen renovation and started working out a plan for completing this project. We worked carefully to plan out the location of the new private pole, and consulted closely with BC Hydro and a pole installation company. 

Warren Ferino was the project manager for this job, Michael Malihan was the lead electrician, and Megan contributed greatly as well. Michael’s past experience working with unique electrical services was instrumental in our team coming up with a solution for this project, while Megan’s hard work and positive attitude helped us bring this project to the finish line.

In the end, the TCA Electric team was able to handle all of the electrical services needed for this renovation project. When all was said and done, the end result was a beautiful and newly upgraded home that makes a great addition to North Vancouver’s breathtaking waterfront!

TCA Electric: Leading North Shore Electrician

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