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Project Spotlight: Electric Scooter Charging Stations

Your Favourite EV Charging Station Contractors Completed a Unique Project

Electric vehicles are making transportation cleaner and greener throughout BC—but cars aren’t the only EV solution out there. Vancouver’s leading EV charging station contractors, TCA Electric recently had the opportunity to help build up infrastructure for electric mobility scooters in our city. These smaller vehicles are the perfect mobility solution for helping Vancouverites more easily move throughout the city in areas cars can’t access.

Our Project Spotlights blog series is our space to highlight new and interesting projects our team has been working on. This EV charging station installation was very unique for our contractors, as we’ve never installed this many electric scooter charging stations all at once! See how our team did in providing charging infrastructure for these useful vehicles.

Background & Client: Diseno Development

Our client for this project was Diseno Development, a full-service construction and renovation company based here in Vancouver. With both residential and commercial expertise, as well as design capabilities, their versatility has helped them bring countless projects to life. 

TCA Electric has partnered with Diseno for the past five years now, lending our electrical talents to many of their ambitious projects. When one of their clients presented a unique electrical need—adding charging stations to support electric mobility scooters and provide greater accessibility—they knew just the company to call on.

The Project: Provide Power for 16 E-Scooter Charging Outlets

For this project, TCA Electric was tasked with providing power for 16 electric scooter charging outlets. This would entail installing both a new sub-panel to provide power for the scooters, as well as installing the outlets themselves, all connected to the sub-panel. The result would be a brand new charging hub, helping provide greater accessibility to the building by supplying power to these important vehicles.

The Challenges: Maneuvering Around Concrete

We faced a couple of interesting challenges for this project. First was the fact that our EV charging station contractors had never installed this many scooter chargers at once. We would need to plan carefully so that all 16 chargers had adequate power and were laid out such that they could all be used at the same time, if necessary. Careful load calculations would be required here.

In addition, there was concrete surrounding much of the charging location, including concrete walls and floors that we would have to maneuver around. Our client didn’t want an eyesore, so our team would need to find a way to route power in a way that was efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time.

The Result: A New Scooter Charging Hub

Our team succeeded on this project thanks to careful planning and creative electrical problem-solving. Sean Blackburn was the site lead for this project and maintained a clean and efficient site from start to finish. Our contractors consulted closely with our clients on the EV charging station power needs, completing load calculations to ensure we would have enough power.

Rather than working around the concrete, we wound up working through it—coring through the concrete floor as the most direct route from the charging location to the newly installed sub-panel. The result was a clean installation that looks as great as it functions! We coordinated with municipality representatives and inspectors throughout the project to pull all necessary permitting, and the end result created much greater accessibility for this building by making mobility scooter charging much easier.

TCA Electric: Expert EV Charging Station Contractors

Here at TCA Electric, we’ve made supporting the EV revolution a priority of ours for years now. Electric vehicles are an excellent way to reduce carbon emissions and make a positive impact on the environment, all while providing excellent cost savings to their owners.

We’ve installed a wide variety of EV charging stations across many brands—including Tesla, ChargePoint, and FLO—and our expertise covers mobility and e-scooter chargers as well! Whether you’re looking to add a new scooter charging hub to your business or multifamily property, TCA Electric has the expertise and attention to detail to perfectly execute on your plan. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate!

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